Records Management System Logo LargeDynamic Public Safety’s Records Management System is designed to be used by law enforcement professionals. Our software provides the reporting, data collection and administrative needs required by governing agencies. The RMS has a simple graphical user interface making keying in data simple and fast. It stores information about people (criminals, victims, suspects, accomplices, etc.), vehicles, property, photos, and more.

Our Records Management System is designed to store any information you can throw at it. No longer will you need to hunt down or store unwanted paperwork. No longer will you have a need for single-user or multi-user workstations and networks. The ease of entering information and searching within our RMS keeps data clean, orderly, and enables law enforcement officers to use it on the go. Additionally, the RMS meets the requirements of both Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) and National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS).

Records Management System Features:

  • Warrants
  • Citations
  • Registered Offenders
  • Civil Process
  • Search Functionality (Party, Document, ID, etc.)
  • Meets requirements for UCR and NIBRS
  • Fully integrated with JMS and CAD

Dynamic Public Safety’s RMS is capable of sending automatic notifications to case management systems, and features comprehensive property and evidence tracking, including a detailed chain of custody log.

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