Jail Management System Logo LargeThe Dynamic Public Safety suite includes easy to use Jail Management System for efficient inmate booking. We have designed a jail management system that is simple, user-friendly, and fitting for all correctional facilities. With the development of this software, our goal is to help make corrections and police officer’s work less stressful. Inmate booking shouldn’t be a pain-staking headache. Our software is designed specifically for jails who want to have a fast and efficient system to track inmates at all times, from arrest to release.

Reduce duplicate data entry, increase reporting capabilities and improve speed and performance. DPS Jail Management Software is flexible, while ensuring accurate data collection and reporting. Just as important, the JMS is designed to be affordable, easily managed and effective. It can be pieced out and implemented as one module, or combined with any of the other modules (RMS, CAD) in our complete law enforcement data management suite, Dynamic Public Safety.

Using leading facilities management technology we have kept information connectivity and compatibility in mind. This approach has resulted in a system that is easy to install and integrate into an existing network requiring only minor, if any, configuration.

Jail Management System Features:

  • Live Scan compatibility
  • Expedites the entire booking process
  • Housing/cell assignment decision tree
  • Inmate personal property intake logs
  • Suicide; medical; mental impairment screening form
  • Track court dates
  • Library/recreation log
  • Disciplinary log
  • Cell search log
  • Visitation log
  • Mail log
  • Suicide Watch log
  • Medical appointments
  • Advanced Reporting
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