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How does this work?

The process starts with just a simple phone call or email to our offices. Once you’ve reached a sales agent, we will ask you to complete a Needs Assessment. This is where we acquaint ourselves with your organization, your goals, needs and expectations. This will be used wholly or in part to create a Statement of Work.

How long will it take to complete a project?

Some projects are more complex than others. Also projects are based on numerous factors (OS, functions, resource needs, budget, etc). To get a better approximation, we recommend contacting a staff member for a proper time frame.

Do you use Open Source Solutions?

As a matter of fact we do. Open Source solutions are always the most preferable, as they often are without cost, which saves our customers money. However, some of our clients have projects that rely on closed source resources (iOS, Windows). Therefore, there may be costs associated with those particular OS needs.

What measures are taken to keep my information safe?

Excellent question! To ensure that your information is protected we implement the following:

  1. From an administrative standpoint, every employee signs both a non-disclosure and non-compete agreement.
  2. Our network is protected using a hardened, Linux based, hardware firewall. Unlike software firewalls, hardware firewalls are less prone to brute force attacks and other nefarious methods of taking information.
  3. Only those designated to work on your project will be working on your project. We believe in a true division of labor when it comes to protecting our customers.

We create software actively being used by law enforcement (both public and private), so please know that information security is paramount to us here at Dynamic CAFM.

Is Dynamic CAFM willing to sign an NDA before we begin?

We here at Dynamic CAFM, LLC understand the value of protecting an idea or concept. We will be more than happy to review and sign if needed an NDA that protects both your interests and ours.

Do you offer hosting or marketing services?

Dynamic CAFM is at its core a software development company. We have however established strong relationships with reputable web hosts and marketing firms we will gladly refer you to as needed.