dynamic-public-safety-logoDynamic Public Safety Software is an innovative web based suite, specifically designed for the unique demands and requirements of the criminal justice system.

Dynamic Public Safety is not a “cookie cutter” system, instead it was built from the ground up to serve the entire law enforcement community.

Dynamic Public Safety seeks to provide a viable, cost-effective software suite to meet the ever increasing demands placed on criminal justice agencies. DPS seeks to address the present and future problems of data collection, data integration, information sharing and the ongoing management required in such a robust system.

Our applications are designed to decrease the level of duplication within the local agency and beyond. DPS is flexible, while ensuring accurate data collection and reporting. Just as important, our public safety software was built to be affordable, easily managed and cost effective. We offer a complete law enforcement data management system.

Unlike other public safety software, DPS was designed using leading technology making for an easily managed, centralized records database. This approach has resulted in a system that is easy to install and integrate into an existing network requiring only minor, if any, configuration.

Dynamic Public Safety has been developed and is supported by a team of skilled consultants, analysts, and programmers.

While developing the project, Dynamic CAFM took into consideration the disparate needs of law enforcement and other criminal justice related agencies throughout the state.

However, first and foremost, the Dynamic Public Safety project is built upon a foundation of service to, and in cooperation with, local law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies. As a result, the program is constantly maturing and improving to meet the ever changing and diverse needs of its patron agencies.

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