Ensuring that critical assets are in optimal condition requires effective maintenance processes to efficiently allocate resources, enforce procedures/schedules, and manage performance. Webbased ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance (PM) enables users to proactively maintain assets, efficiently balance schedules, optimize resources, and track key metrics. Simplify and improve PM processes with ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance to minimize costly repairs, reduce operational downtime, extend asset service lifecycles, and improve planning.

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Streamline and automate the PM process to improve operational efficiency. Minimize operational equipment downtime and costly repairs. Extend useful service life of physical assets resulting in reduced capital outlays. Improve planning by capturing metrics on costs, resource usage, service provider workload/ performance, equipment maintenance history, and more. Deliver cost-efficient, closed loop Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) as part of the integrated, Web-based ARCHIBUS product suite.

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