Designed for real estate and space management professionals who want to easily evaluate, forecast, and allocate both space needs and associated occupancy costs, ARCHIBUS Portfolio Forecasting provides an integrated Web-based solution for allocating and forecasting space requirements and costs at the organizational group level using multiple scenarios over different time periods.

Delivers structured information and decision support for space/master planning. Provides consistent multi-year space/cost forecasts without having to use a CAD tool. Reduces administrative costs through rapid projection and allocation capabilities. Projects annual costs to departments/cost centers based on space allocation forecasts.

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The Portfolio Forecast Wizard is a forms-based interface to enable easy allocation of organizational groups to floors, reassigning them from one floor to another, or moving them graphically with the aid of a Stack Chart. This functionality will provide the ability to develop space projections, at the organizational group level, in a fraction of the time it would take to create a projection based on room by room inventory data. Plan and forecast over different time periods by allocating space to organizations with start and an end dates. Visualize the impact of future organizational growth or contraction on facilities. Within a single framework, track and analyze historical, current and future allocation data and visualize the impact of future business growth or contraction of the facilities portfolio. Develop alternative space plans using Portfolio Scenarios. For example, you can develop a five year space forecast with two different variations and evaluate the optimum solution.Better visualize your space allocation plan with the aid of a stack diagram that graphically charts space use by organization over multiple floors in a building.

You can easily move groups within the chart from one floor to another. Each group space allocation has a start and an end date. This enables users to allocate and forecast space use over different time periods. For example, you can allocate space in a building for a three year period, and then, for the following period, restack the groups to simulate a potential expansion to new floors or a new building. By default, all space allocations are assigned to a standard Baseline Scenario. Planners can create additional Scenarios to better compare and evaluate alternative space projections.

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