The ARCHIBUS Cost Chargeback & Invoicing application is designed to allocate occupancy costs to internal departments, cost centers, or tenants, and track invoices / payments. It provides lease administrators with a centralized, Web-based solution to reduce the time and effort in effectively executing charge back and invoicing/receivable processes.

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The application enables users to easily charge back costs, issue invoices, and track receivables using an intuitive, wizard-based interface. This easy-to-deploy application also helps reduce processing errors, particularly during times of peak activity, and provides consolidated managerial reports in a single click.ability to aggregate individual portfolio items to the teams or managers in charge of them. The run anywhere applications included under this domain include:

Reduce administrative overhead cost and errors, as well as enable better alignment of real estate expenses to the organizational missions they support. These benefits are achieved by streamlining and automating the chargeback and roll-up processes to assign costs to their real owner.

Save administrative time allocated to adjusting chargeback costs according to specific lease agreement terms.

Reduce the time and effort of managing the invoicing process and tracking payments on invoices.

Provide an accessible, consolidated view of accounts receivable for better tracking of account balances for each payer. The report enables drill-down to the specific payments for increased transparency into the cost process.

The Manage Prepayments feature allows the user to seamlessly track, report, and manage overpayments on invoices (when the amount paid is greater than the invoice balance), and advance payments. This functionality helps minimize costly errors, particularly during periods of peak activity.

The View Invoice Details Report enables the user to view details for any invoice in one location. The report provides accurate and actionable information such as due date, terms, contacts, associated costs and payments, and more. This report provides easy and intuitive monitoring and follow-up capabilities on invoices and payments.

The View Actual Costs by Lease, Business Unit, Building or Property feature enables the user to view the total Real Estate-related costs associated with these entities. These costs reflect costs that were directly allocated, as well as costs that were rolled up or charged back. This visibility can help improve portfolio related decision making to support the organizational mission.

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