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About us

Our Philosophy

Dynamic CAFM Services, LLC was formed to offer customers a premier software development solution in the Houston area. The Dynamic CAFM (Computer, Architecture, Framework and Modules) team members have combined decades of experience in Software Engineering, Web Development, and Systems Administration expertise.

Dynamic CAFM provides a full technical staff that plans, schedules, develops, tests and deploys your project to ensure that it will run optimally and as anticipated. We have designed and created from the ground up software solutions currently being used by law enforcement (both public and private), our U.S. Military, and small to large corporations.

Dynamic CAFM is your one stop shop for software development. We know each customer has their own needs. Unlike some of our competitors, you will not get a generic looking “cookie-cutter” product that does just some of what you want. Whether it is a website, a custom CMS, mobile app, or any other product, it should look just they way you envisioned when you dreamt about it, sketched it on a napkin, or told us about it. We take your hows’, ifs’ and maybes’ and turn them into “is”.


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Meet Our Leaders

A company is only as integral as those that are at the helm steering the ship. Please take a few moments to make acquainted yourself with our executive staff!

Collectively, Dynamic CAFM has: Over 20 years in Software Engineering, Over a decade of Web Development and 15 years of Systems Administration Experience. Dynamic CAFM is your one-stop shop for all software needs.

Mark Mills – CEO

Mark Mills – CEO

Charolette Mills – CFO

Charolette Mills – CFO

Mike Ritchie – Operations

Mike Ritchie – Operations

Adam Shrum – IT Operations

Adam Shrum – IT Operations

Our Skillsets

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The DC Committment

A company is only as good as its employees and its customers

As a family-owned, American based company, we know how valuable commitment and integrity are. Because of this, we here at Dynamic CAFM, LLC believe that all relationships (business or otherwise) should be based on our core principles.

  • Setting Expectations – We will be clear on setting realistic yet ambitious expectations to ensure all aspects of your project are met.
  • Clear/Accurate Billing – We know how important budgets can be. All of our invoices, statements of work and other project-related documents will always be clear and comprehensive.


  • Confidentiality – We know how potentially valuable an idea can be. To ensure it stays that way, all employees and affiliates sign a NDA prior to their employ with our company. This protects both the company and all of our clients.


  • Customer Satisfaction and Support – Once your project has been finished, you will not be “thrown to the wolves”. We will provide any necessary training, instruction and support as per our agreement. If however there is an issue that arises that is out of the scope of the project, we may implement “Best Effort” support if needed.

Quick Questions?

The process starts with just a simple phone call or email to our offices. Once you’ve reached a sales agent, we will ask you to complete a Needs Assessment. This is where we acquaint ourselves with your organization, your goals, needs and expectations. This will be used wholly or in part to create a Statement of Work.
Some projects are more complex than others. Also projects are based on numerous factors (OS, functions, resource needs, budget, etc). To get a better approximation, we recommend contacting a staff member for a proper time frame.
As a matter of fact we do. Open Source solutions are always the most preferable, as they often are without cost, which saves our customers money. However, some of our clients have projects that rely on closed source resources (iOS, Windows). Therefore, there may be costs associated with those particular OS needs.

Excellent question! To ensure that your information is protected we implement the following:

  1. From an administrative standpoint, every employee signs both a non-disclosure and non-compete agreement.
  2. Our network is protected using a hardened, Linux based, hardware firewall. Unlike software firewalls, hardware firewalls are less prone to brute force attacks and other nefarious methods of taking information.
  3. Only those designated to work on your project will be working on your project. We believe in a true division of labor when it comes to protecting our customers.

We create software actively being used by law enforcement (both public and private), so please know that information security is paramount to us here at Dynamic CAFM.