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Dynamic CAFM Services, LLC works with clients to improve their facilities management software and processes by assisting in the development and implementation of a complete CAFM/IWMS solutions package; from a Needs Analysis to a CAFM Database maintenance agreement.

Whether your organization needs to strategically manage space and occupancy, efficiently move and track assets or improve overall building operational efficiency. Dynamic CAFM can be an instrumental tool in your efforts.

Dynamic CAFM’s full computer aided drafting service can build your CAD inventory from paper plans documenting your facility and upgrade those plans to a consistent set of AutoCAD standards. These tasks can be outsourced to us in whole or in part.

Dynamic CAFM team of software developers can create amazing and powerful software solutions tailored to your company. If new software is not ideal, in many cases we can modify or repair your company’s current software.

ARCHIBUS is the #1 provider of real estate, infrastructure and facilities management solutions in the world, with expenditures for ARCHIBUS-related products and services exceeding $2.2 billion (US).

Organizations of all sizes – spanning sectors such as finance, education, healthcare, government, manufacturing and many others – use ARCHIBUS to deliver timely, relevant facilities and infrastructure information as part of their strategic business plans.

With ARCHIBUS, organizations can use a single, comprehensive, integrated solution to make informed strategic decisions that optimize return-on-investment, lower asset life-cycle costs, and increase enterprise-wide productivity – reducing their infrastructure and facilities related costs by as much as 34%.

The Dynamic CAFM team is excited to introduce it’s newest member to the family of software applications, Dynamic Public Safety – a flexible, user friendly Public Safety Software Suite that enables law enforcement agencies to manage criminal processes.

Dynamic Public Safety Software is an innovative web based suite, specifically designed for the unique demands and requirements of the criminal justice system. Dynamic Public Safety is not a “cookie cutter” system, instead it was built from the ground up to serve the entire law enforcement community.

Dynamic Public Safety seeks to provide a viable, cost-effective software suite to meet the ever increasing demands placed on criminal justice agencies. DPS seeks to address the present and future problems of data collection, data integration, information sharing and the ongoing management required in such a robust system.

Dynamic CAFM’s software engineers can develop software to your company needs, since every business is unique, and faces unique challenges. One size does not fit all. In some cases we can modify “out of the box” applications to suit your company’s needs.

 Dynamic CAFM’s Dynamic Inventory module is a complete POS solution for businesses operating everything from a single mom and pop shop to a Fortune 500 company. It is comprehensive and scalable to accommodate any size business.

It offers advanced functionality such as multidimensional inventory management, customized reporting, advanced purchasing, and receivables management. Dynamic Inventory can be customized for your specific business requirements, providing you with the investment protection of a flexible solution that adapts to meet demanding business needs. It can help you:

  • Streamline business operations
  • Manage business effectively
  • Improve profit
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Facility Management

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM)
Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS)
Total Infrastructure Facilities Management (TIFM)

Happy Clients


Dynamic CAFM has designed a program that is so amazing! The Dynamic Public Safety JMS is easy to use, quick, and user friendly. It cuts down on time booking inmates in. I have first hand experience using the program in my facility. After thoroughly testing the software I hope to make it a permanent fixture and highly recommend it. I back this program up 100 percent!
Sue Ann Johnson, Jail Administrator, Delta County Sheriff's Office, Cooper, TX
Through a detailed analysis of space usage using ARCHIBUS, we discovered that up to 50% of our office space was underutilized…By integrating Property & Space Management with Facility Management, ARCHIBUS is used as the basis for all decision-making processes.
Antonello Buondonno, Property and Space Mgmt. Director, ENEL, Italy
By consolidating scattered operations, we expect significant savings in energy costs, space needs, and staff time. Over a 15-year time frame, we project $44 million in lease savings.
Joe Waters, Director of Facilities Management, Johnson County, KS
Significant write-offs are now possible thanks to the accurate, defensible records we maintain in ARCHIBUS. In one recent year, the company was able to account for $2 million worth of disposed assets, which had been donated, sold, or brought to the salvage yard.
Glenn Gallway, Systems Administrator for CAFM, AIM Investments
We can literally move hundreds of employees in one swap. One action button sets the entire move into being.
Robert Stephen, Project and CAFM Manager, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
The data we maintain in ARCHIBUS has become the gold standard at GM…these figures are very instrumental in driving the corporate scoreboard for strategic planning efforts.
Paul Drotar, Manager of Regional Engineering Non-Manufacturing Worldwide Facilities Group, General Motors
ARCHIBUS is a critical tool in managing bio-medical equipment life cycles, and has exceeded our ROI expectations. In fact, we now recommend the system to our clients.
Tom Pagurek, Technical Manager, Integrated Service Management, Siemens Medical Solutions
Managers get a much clearer picture of the organization now that they can generate reports automatically on things like which PCs are due to be replaced. Using the old manual process, it would have taken a week to figure out what equipment to replace at the end of the year.
Jim Clark, Director of Engineering, Alegent Health
I estimate that our productivity has increased by about 40% since installing ARCHIBUS.
Dan Rodriguez, Facility Manager, Collier County, FL
We put all our equipment in ARCHIBUS for preventive maintenance. By doing this, we were able to realize savings of about 5% of our total maintenance budget, or about $130,000.
Wayne Schacher, Manager, Facilities & Support Services, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp
With ARCHIBUS, Siemens found it could enforce its own business rules and internal processes for managing each of its accounts.
Tom Pagurek, Technical Manager, Integrated Service Management, Siemens Medical Solutions
To tie space, employee, organization, and asset information together in a multidivisional organization is very valuable….it’s amazing the work and scheduling we can do now, and ARCHIBUS is a critical component.
Donnie Walden, Director, FIS, Time Warner
We were looking for an integrated enterprise solution…ARCHIBUS allows us to bring together all the different parts of the organization under one umbrella.
Keni Evans, First Horizon National Corp.
Now that key data resides in ARCHIBUS, [reporting] is a more efficient process, and we can concentrate on what we do best-analyzing the data to see how it affects overall operations.
Tom Kuchman, System Administrator, WA State Dept. of Transportation
Space charging has resulted in space savings of approximately 7.6 percent over the last three years, despite continued growth in student numbers.
Morley Stewart-Jones, Information Systems Manager, University of Portsmouth (UK)
With [ARCHIBUS and third-party products] in hand, we have…saved $10,000 in the one month that we’ve owned the suite of products.
Tom Kruer, Engineering Director, St. Mary’s Health Care System
Using ARCHIBUS to ‘right-size’ our space usage, we reclaimed 500,000 square feet of space and were able to cancel plans for a $35 million building. Not only that, we were able to vacate three smaller buildings and turn that into a $1.5 million revenue stream through leasing.
Penny Kaffenberger, Manager of Costs and Budgets for Workplace Resources, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
Regulatory compliance is very important to us as a federal agency. We must be accountable for our property,” says Lawless. “ARCHIBUS makes it easy to pull data together and report on it
Edwin Lawless, Facilities Programs Manager, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
When departments…want to achieve increased efficiencies, they need to benchmark themselves against other hospitals. They use our data to do this.
David Doell, Manager of Design and Construction, Clarian Health
We came up with three space budget setups to compare the costs of three different occupancy scenarios at a new facility. After evaluating the scenarios, we determined the ideal solution that would allow us to share common spaces and reduce costs.
Tom Kuchman, System Administrator, WA State Dept. of Transportation
ARCHIBUS has made our Computer-Integrated Facility Management system ready for future evolutions, as ESA integrates additional FM functions and extends services to other sites and departments.
Laurent Jauniaux, Head of Infrastructure and Security, European Space Agency
[With ARCHIBUS] we were able to consolidate operations from about 225,000 square feet to about 80,000 square feet and sublet the rest for a revenue potential of approximately $2 million a year.
Jim Morgensen, Vice President of Real Estate, Facilities and Services, Macromedia
We’ve created an application that combines the space data with award and faculty data, showing decision-makers the dollars per square foot and other data that various entities are receiving through grants.
Julia Trimmer, Senior IT Analyst, Duke University Medical Center
We have been able to save $35,000 a year simply by eliminating a number of time-consuming administrative tasks.
Adam Brockhurst, Facilities Info. Coordinator, Suncorp Metway Ltd. (AU)
One of the most important reasons the Italian government chose Pirelli as a partner was the promise to implement and use ARCHIBUS.
Alessandro Barni, Pirelli
We’ve saved over a million dollars in project management fees alone. ARCHIBUS paid for itself in just a few months.
Donnie Walden, Director, FIS, Time Warner
Those applications get substantial use in tracking where people and vacancies are and support the intelligent allocation and management of space. Our management is especially happy because getting real estate and facilities information used to take days and now it just takes minutes
Jeff Weides, Manager of Facilities and Construction, Chesapeake Energy
With survey and drawing information centralized in ARCHIBUS, Wuhan University finally has an accurate set of building drawings that are easily accessed. In addition, the university was also able to standardize definitions of room category and type, in alignment with Ministry of Education initiatives…ARCHIBUS was also instrumental in helping the university establish the Space Standard Area (SSA) measurement to calculate college and departmental space chargebacks.
Sarina Xue, President, ARCHIBUS Solution--Centers-Beijing
That manual survey used to take three months to finish but we replaced it with the online space inventory survey using ARCHIBUS, which we estimate will cut the data collection time in half. The survey is used for A21 reporting, which helps us maximize reimbursement of research costs, but we also do other reporting such as the Space Productivity survey.
Amy Miarecki, Director of Post-Award Administration & Compliance, Office of Financial Services UMMHC
Having data visually available through the system helps us with everything from planning to emergency maintenance during The Championships. ARCHIBUS brings all the information into the system so we can access it easily, meet statutory requirements and monitor all that we are doing.
John Cox, Buildings and Services Manager, The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTCC) at Wimbledon
ARCHIBUS has enabled SAGAT to rely on a single, central system for all its important data, which gives us more control over operations and helps us ensure passenger safety. We also gain more control over maintenance costs and get a more complete view of our operations through the integration of key administrative functions.
Lorenzo Gusman, Maintenance and Technical Services Manager, SAGAT
The ARCHIBUS implementation… is allowing the Denver schools to collect and analyze even more detailed data that lets the district improve its decision support, refine capacity and enrollment calculations, and provide more accurate data for bond initiative decisions.
Robin Myers, Geographic Systems Analyst, Denver Public Schools
One of the main benefits of using ARCHIBUS has been accountability; there are no more lost work orders or finger pointing. With these digital processes, work flow is easy to track and monitor.
Mike Albrecht, CAFM Analyst, Cincinnati Public Schools Facilities Group
There’s no question that, with its range of applications and flexibility, we see a growing interest in ARCHIBUS at OSU.
Lynn Hazelbaker, Manager, Office of Facilities Information, Oklahoma State University
It has given me the confidence to know exactly what the situation is at all times and it has also allowed the team to adopt a more pro-active approach in controlling contractor costs and ensuring the continued improvement of our service.
John Tucker, Facilities Manager, John Menzies Wholesale, John Menzies Wholesale
It has given me the confidence to know exactly what the situation is at all times and it has also allowed the team to adopt a more pro-active approach in controlling contractor costs and ensuring the continued improvement of our service.
Kevin Ford, CAFM Administrator, Carnegie Mellon University
We are heavily reliant on reports provided by ARCHIBUS, including site summary report, expiry reports, and lease commitment reports. Real-time information on when leases are up for renewal or review gives our leasing team time to negotiate the best deal for future lease terms..
Adam Brockhurst, Facilities Information Coordinator, Suncorp Metway


  • The #1 global provider of real estate, infrastructure, and facilities management software solutions
  • A single, comprehensive, integrated solution to make informed strategic decisions that optimize ROI
  • Global support network of over 1,600 people
  • More than 4 million users managing over 5,000,000 properties